Southwestern Illinois Business Expo The Marketing Event Of The Year Thursday, May 7, 2020 - 11am-5pm Regency Conference Center - O'Fallon, IL
Southwestern Illinois Business ExpoThe Marketing Event Of The YearThursday, May 7, 2020 - 11am-5pm Regency Conference Center - O'Fallon, IL 

Buy A Booth

Pricing Options for participating in the show are as follows:

To purchase a booth or for more information on the show, contact Richard Avdoian 618.972.8588 or Richard@RichardAvdoian.com.


Booth Details
10’ wide x 8’ high pipe and drape booth.
Booth includes an 6' skirted table, two chairs and a booth identification sign.


Option 1
Exhibit Booth Size, 10 x 8
Total Cost:  $325


Exhibit Booth Size,  10 x 8, plus logo on promotional ticket and logo on event website for one year.
Total Cost:  $475


Exhibit Booth Size, 10x 8, in your choice location, recognition with logo on Expo promotions and logo on promotional ticket, logo on event website for one year and a speaking slot during "Best Business Practice Tips Showcase".
Total Cost:  $625


Tips & Hints For A Successful Exhibit

Booth Objectives
Determine with your managers and staff your objectives for the Expo. Some objectives might be: develop sales leads, demonstrate and introduce new products, enhance your company image, get customer feedback, or qualify a certain amount of new sales leads.

Coordinate your sales team and schedule shifts. Create enthusiasm for the show by establishing competition and bonuses. For example, reward the most sales, most appointments or best attitude.
Have at least one person from your booth meet all the other exhibitors at the show during slack periods — these could be your best customers.


Successful Booth Planning

Create an attractive, open and inviting booth. Don’t use the table as a blockade to keep customers out of the booth; you want them to feel welcome.
Be friendly and invite prospects in — this is your office on the days of the show.
Don't clutter your booth — choose the most important items from your store or product line. Be targeted in what you sell.
Prepare materials, giveaways and information for visitors to take with them. Start a dialog with visitors and explain what you are giving them.


The Art of Boothmanship
Dress appropriately — appearances are important as you represent your company.
Don't eat, drink or smoke in the booth. Would you do this during an important sales presentation?
Be friendly — not overly aggressive or rude (no headlocks on visitors, please).
Know your product and rehearse.


Promote Your Booth
Advertising and direct mail before, during and after the show can increase your Expo success.
Send personal invitations to your key and potential customers. At the very least, call them to say you'll be there with your latest products and services.
Be sure to send out your Expo admission tickets. Your customers will consider it a gift.

Remind your sales people to "talk it up” with customers. Post a notice in your store for your employees and customers.


Follow Up, Follow Up
To follow up, you must record your prospect's name, company, address and phone number. It’s also a good idea to add comments about your conversation as a reminder.

Begin following up immediately after the show. Don’t let your leads get cold. Be prepared to close the sale.

Be positive and a good neighbor.
Remember, enthusiasm is contagious!




Purchase A Booth

Exhibit at the show. Booths are still available.

Click here for more information on exhibiting at the show.

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